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Category Archives: Art

All images (except portraits) are available for purchase.


These are the first of my off camera flash work for the O’Colly. For more information about the technique, go to

For more information about the photos, click here.

This is a series from the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. It won gold in the Creative Lightning Awards color series category.

The first photo was from a the Greater St. Rose Baptist Church. I took a picture of a mud-caked pew and after I got back I was looking through my August 2006 issue of National Geographic and came across the last picture.

It was from the exact same church and taken in almost the exact same spot.

These photos are a few I took last year with a blue suede blanket, a mini mag and a few other objects.

The Stillwater airport had an airshow over the weekend that also featured classic cars and motorcycles. They had one of my favorite planes of all time, the P-51 Comanche; also known as the P-51 Mustang

I pushed my way to the front of the throng of people on the tarmac at Tinker Air Force Base. It was at least 115 degrees with 104% humidity and I was carrying a camera and lens that weighed 19 lbs when I got there and closer to 59 lbs when I was ready to leave. It was definitely worth it in the end.

These are some of my favorite photos from the last few years.


Thanks for visiting. This is some of my earliest work. The first 4 are from Wyoming on a backpacking trip in 2004 and the rest are from Canada on a canoe trip in 2003. Feel free to leave any comments. I’ll keep posting as I have time.